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Greenville Vegan group is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian and  veg-curious– all are welcome.  Come to our local events and break bread with us, enjoy visiting speakers and company of our diverse eclectic group. Everyone is welcome (including children) to attend our vegan potluck dinners. .

Scroll down to see food photos from our past vegan potlucks or click here for more pics

Our group is a fun way to enjoy healthy & delicious food, share your favorite veg recipes and make new friends!

Vegan events are hosted for conversation, fellowship, encouraging each other, sharing recipes, and to enjoy delicious plant-based food. Potluck speakers provide perspective & continuing education.

Greenville Vegan Potluck. Founded 2/1/2016.

Vegan Potluck Organizers: Nicky Vanvalkenburgh & Frank Contreras. See photo– Nicky is in the middle, wearing black short sleeve sweater. Frank is in the front row on the left end, in a green shirt.


Vegan Potluck is hosted once a month at St Giles Presbyterian Church or St, Andrews Episcopal Church. (Location varies based on availability) Our coordinator, Frank, attends St. Andrews church and was able to secure the Fellowship Hall, built 1925, for Vegan Potluck events at no charge.  The church’s fellowship hall is located behind the church.

Attendees need to bring a vegan dish in order for there to be ample food to feed everyone. At least 8-10 large dinner portions ready to serve, with a serving utensil AND a bottled drink, non-soda pop, to share. Idea is for everyone to taste the VEGAN homemade dishes, take recipe home and make it if you like the dish!

  • Please, no dairy, cheese, honey, eggs or meat in your dishes & no soda pop or alcoholic beverages– we’re striving for plant-based vegan.

First time, not sure what to bring? Try some lightly steamed vegetables, fresh fruit or bountiful salad. Anything that’s plant-based vegan should be fine. 200+ recipes are posted on this site.

Bring your recipe! If possible, please bring 10 printed recipes of your dish ~– then others can take recipe home.

Vegan Recipes:  To look at many recipes, check out our Vegan recipes pages for food ideas.

  • Fee of $2 per adult person is cost at each Potluck. Children 12 & under free & always welcome. Please place your donation in receptacle on table near door. No membership fee.

  • Email event flyer signup sheet.

  •  Group is saving to buy microphone, speaker & projector.

    To get on mail list for upcoming events, sign up for our monthly email announcements and “like” our facebook page. 

    The church does not charge for use of their Fellowship Hall. A collection is taken at the potluck events. We encourage each member to give two dollars per adult person. Donation is given to the church to pay for plates, cups, utensils. There is no membership fee. We offer delicious plant-based vegan food and everyone is welcome to attend. 


Speakers wanted for plant-based vegan related topics. Contact the potluck organizers, Nicky (Nickyv@bellsouth.net) or Frank (bbfcag@yahoo.com)  If you have a portable microphone, please bring it. We have the ability to show a dvd or video clip from the internet. Please let Nicky or Frank know in advance for arrangements to be made.

{Email to Coordinators is only to be used for vegan event related topics.}

Potential speakers are welcome & encouraged. If possible, we ask the speaker to limit their presentation to 15 to 20 minutes. If you like, you can set up a table at the potluck to sell your product or services. However, it must be vegan-related. With all due respect, please make your presentation “benefit-driven” rather than a sales pitch. Remember that speaker presentations are intended to encourage and support the plant-based vegan lifestyle.

In case you’re wondering, the Greenville Vegan Potluck Club is not a religious outreach. We are a diverse, eclectic group with no religious preference. Greenville Vegan is not a ministry outreach program of St Andrews Episcopal Church. Greenville Vegan greatly appreciates the church allowing our events be held at their Fellowship Hall, with no requirements other than clean-up. We do say a prayer before our potluck meal.

Do you have to be vegan or vegetarian in order to attend? No, everyone is welcome to attend– whether you are vegetarian, vegan or veg curious. If you are interested in eating food that is plant-based vegan, then you are welcome to attend. 

We are a “Plantpure pod,” under the umbrella of Plantpure Nation Foundation:
Check out our Plantpure page

 SIGN UP FOR OUR MONTHLY EMAIL REMINDERS for the Greenville Vegan Potluck & Supper Club:

Events are well-attended. Potlucks usually have 35-50 participants.

 {All food photos below are from our past Vegan Potluck events}


This is    www.greenvillevegan.com {Cost is $150 per year.}

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  1. Lyn Bruderle says:

    Hello, I met one of your organizers today at Mast General Store in Greenville and what he told me about your events sounds interesting. If there is a mailing list, please add my name to it. Thank you so much.

    Response: Thanks Lyn! You can sign up for our email list here http://www.greenvillevegan.com/?page_id=150
    Sorry, its better if you sign up yourself, so you can confirm that you accept the newsletter.

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