(03) March 2017 Vegan Potluck Dr Rosa Vera, virtue of raw plant based vegan food. #1

MARCH POTLUCK! We had a wonderful time at our March vegan potluck with 27 people in attendance. Our speaker was Dr Rosa Vera, who set up an elaborate display explaining the virtue of raw plant based vegan food.

Dr Rosa explained that raw food is “alive” and contains vital enzymes for metabolism, digestion and elimination.

She explained that the lack of these raw and living nutrients can cause internal rust, similar to the corrosion found on an old pan. To illustrate, Dr Rosa even brought in her own rusted and corroded pan. It is such internal corrosion, she explained, that causes disease and internal breakdown.

Yes, this is what can occur in our insides if we don’t consume raw living food. The solution? Change what you eat. Drink raw juices (especially green juices) and 70 percent raw food. (30 percent cooked is fine)

Foods high in antioxidants and amino acids are recommended.

Dr Rosa also warned against eating meat, which takes a long time to digest and tends to be acidic (rather than alkaline.) As an alternative, Dr Rosa recommended getting creative with plant based vegan food– and preparing them in such a way that meals are delicious and satisfying.

Traditionally, we are taught that the human body needs protein. However, most people eat too much protein– resulting in weight gain, hardened arteries, stress on the kidneys and vital organs, which all leads to disease.

Vegans are often asked, “where do you get your protein?” The answer: We get our protein from plants. Dr Rosa talked about the protein in spinach, kale, collards, Swiss chard, and other vegetables such as seaweed, dulse, nori (to name a few.)

If you missed the potluck, come to our April Potluck when Dr Rosa will present part two of her presentation on living Foods. She will also do a food demo at that time.

To contact Dr Rose Vera:
Rosa’s Touch Lifestyle Wellness  402 Ansel Street Greenville SC 29601
tel, 864-640-0790  (email) roseacare@aol.com

Ask about a free “Mignun Infrared Massage Therapy” session exclusively for attendees of our Greenville Vegan Potluck

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