(02) February 2017 Vegan Potluck “Dairy is Scary: The Dairy Industry Explained in Five Minutes” by Erin Janus.

February potluck was attended by 27 people, and we enjoyed diverse & eclectic Vegan dishes complete with superlative deserts & drinks. Several children attended from infant to 6 years old. Newcomers were welcomed & participated.

Nicky– Organizer, presented the video “Dairy is Scary: The Dairy Industry Explained in Five Minutes” by Erin Janus. The video showed that cows are kept perpetually pregnant and milked until they keel over and die. Their male calves are snatched away and turned into veal, and female calves are groomed to be future milk machines.  Alternatives to cow’s milk include soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, and rice milk. A wide range of door prizes were raffled off by Frank, the Co-Organizer, including some gifts donated by West End Main Street stores. Nicky offered some door prizes including a key-chain – Quintessence Peking Opera. (See photo below)

Special thanks to Abe who took most of these photos, processed & posted.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Our next vegan potluck is Saturday, March 18, and our speaker will be Dr Rosa Viera. The topic will be raw vegan food for detoxing, healing and recovery.

Do you have to be vegan or vegetarian in order to attend these potlucks? No, everyone is welcome to attend– whether you are vegetarian, vegan or veg curious. If you are interested in eating food that is plant-based vegan, then you are welcome to attend.

In case you’re wondering, the Greenville Vegan Potluck & Supper Club is not a religious outreach. We are a diverse & eclectic group. Greenville Vegan is not a ministry outreach program of St Andrews Episcopal Church. Greenville Vegan greatly appreciates the church allowing our events be held at their Fellowship Hall, with no requirements other than clean-up. We do say a prayer before our potluck meal. Many of our members are Christians. The group is non-denominational.

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