(07a) July 2016 Potluck Himalayan salt lamps

The July 2016 Gville Vegan Potluck was held at Betty & Isiah’s house in Fountain Inn, SC.  Approximately 15 people attended.

Betty and Isiah are retired military & fond of Himalayan salt lamps, edible salt, fire bowls and other salt artifacts. Their home is like a salt museum– beautifully decorated with lamps and artifacts. They shared about the benefits of Himalayan salt. Check out their website:


It was a wonderful evening!



One thought on “(07a) July 2016 Potluck Himalayan salt lamps

  1. Abe Unknown says:

    Benefits of Himalayan Salt

    Aids in vascular health
    Supports healthy lungs and respiratory function
    Promotes a stable pH balance within the cells
    Reduces the signs of aging
    Promotes healthy sleep patterns
    Increases libido
    Prevents muscle cramps
    Increases hydration
    Strengthen bones
    Lowers blood pressure
    Improves circulation
    Detoxifies the body of heavy metals

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