(08) August 2016 Potluck-First @ St. Andrews Episcopal Church

This was our first vegan potluck at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in downtown, Greenville with 18 people attending.

Thank you Frank, for securing this historic location. The church graciously allowed us to use the fellowship hall, which comes stocked with tables and chairs, so we have plenty of room to seat everyone. There is also a kitchen which we use. 

Our speaker was Nicky Vanvalkenburgh, the vegan potluck organizer. She talked about why vegans don’t drink cow’s milk. Evidently, cows are kept perpetually pregnant and milked until they keel over and die. Their baby calves are snatched away and turned into veal. Cows are also artificially inseminated with a “rape rack.” An alternatives to cow’s milk is plant-based milk, such as coconut, almond, soy, rice or hemp milk.  They taste delicious and you will eventually get used to them. If you can’t give up cow’s milk, please consider cutting back on it.

Betty and Isiah Haygood talked about the benefits of Himalayan salt, and offered salt lamps and edible salt for sale.

Frank, the co-organizer, gave away door prizes to eager recipients. Vegan bread and muffins were donated by the Great Grain Harvest Bakery, which is located on Woodruff Rd. in Greenville, SC. Check out their website:  https://www.greatharvest.com/

Photos taken by Nicky, then Abe processed and uploaded the photo using Photoscape.