(2a) February 2018 Vegan Potluck w/ Kim Giovacco, Vegan Travel Agent

Our speaker was Kim Giovacco, Vegan Travel Agent from “Veg Jaunts and Journeys” in Asheville. She offer tips for vegan travel, and talk about vegan tours and vegan-friendly destinations, including vegan tours in Asheville.

Kim’s website is https://vegjauntsandjourneys.com/

Kim Giovacco began dreaming of distant places and cultures from the age of five, while looking at her View Master reels and coffee table books. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and has traveled independently to 35 countries. She has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a travel agent, and has now melded her passion for the vegan lifestyle with her love of travel by escorting small groups of travelers to vegan-friendly destinations

Click below for info on Kim’s Asheville Day Tours:

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100 Tips from Kim the Vegan Travel Agent



Kim’s website is https://vegjauntsandjourneys.com/

If you are interested in vegan travel or vegan day tours, check out her website!