We are happy that you would like to attend our Vegan Potluck & Supper Club!

First time, not sure what to bring? Try some lightly steamed vegetables, fresh fruit or bountiful salad. Anything that’s plant-based vegan should be fine. 200+ recipes are posted on this site.

If you are pressed for time or unable to bring something, feel free to come empty-handed or just bring a bottled drink. We will have plenty of food at our vegan potluck.

Most attendees will bring a vegan dish, with at least 8-10 large dinner portions ready to serve, AND a bottled drink, (Please, no soda pop or alcoholic beverages)

The idea is for everyone to taste the VEGAN homemade dishes. If you like the dish, then you can take a recipe home and make it.

We kindly request no dairy, cheese, honey, eggs or meat in your dishes. No soda pop or alcoholic beverages. We’re striving for plant-based vegan.

Bring your recipe! If possible, please bring 10 printed recipes of your dish ~– then others can take recipe home.

Vegan Recipes! Click here to find vegan recipes

Love offering! We collect an offering, to cover plates, cups and utensils. We also give a donation to the church for allowing us to use their facility. We recommend that everyone give $2 per person for our love offering. Children 12 & under free & always welcome. Please place your donation in receptacle on the table, near the door. There is no membership fee for our vegan potluck.

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