(12a) December 2017 Vegan Potluck – Susan Bufano Animal Rights & Arbonne (vegan-friendly) products Kristen Schroder

39 attendees at this vegan potluck with guest speaker Susan Bufano.  She shared her testimony of how and why she went vegan.

Arbonne (vegan-friendly) products are displayed from Kristen Schroder

Newcomers were welcomed & spoke:

Door prizes! Frank, Co-coordinator, raffled free door prizes donated by Cooks Station, 659 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 250-0091 & Kristen Schroder.



To add yourself or a friend to our email list: http://www.greenvillevegan.com/?page_id=150 

Or sign up @ Potluck: {No membership fee.}

Cost: Charge is $ 2 per adult. Kids 12 & under are free. Collected money is given to church for expenses of using their fellowship hall & to cover plates, cups, and utensils.  Our vegan potluck also uses collected funds to pay for our website, www.Greenvillevegan.com. We are trying to save up for a new microphone, speakers & overhead projector.  These items are needed for our potluck presentations.

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PHOTOS: Abe took 18 & Nicky 6. Abe processed & posted all. Three hours work.


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