(11b) November 2017 Vegan Potluck at Cook’s Station

We had a fun night at Cook’s Station in downtown Greenville!

Frank, who helps organize the vegan potlucks, works at Cook’s Station. He helped us organize a special vegan potluck night at the store, with approximately 25 people attending.

The food was delicious, including Bob’s sloppy Joe’s, Frank’s mock chicken casserole, Heather’s Boston cream pie eclair cake, Kathleen’s homemade cinnamon rolls, Pamela’s roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Janice’s roasted butternut squash casserole.

Cook’s Station allowed us to shop afterwards, and receive a 20 % discount. They also provided free gift wrapping for all purchases.

Our next vegan potluck at Cook’s Station will be held on December 13, 2017, for more details, click here

Photos from the previous vegan potluck (November 2017) with Thomas Skelton http://www.greenvillevegan.com/?page_id=1531