(11a) November 2017 Vegan Potluck~Thomas Skelton plant-based athlete

34 attendees at the November 4, 2017 Vegan Potluck. We enjoyed the varied & diverse food as well as our speaker, Thomas Skelton, plant-based athlete from Greenville, SC.

Click here to download a PDF of Thomas Skelton’s presentation

Click here to download Thomas Skelton’s Potluck Presentation in Power Point

Thomas Skelton spoke about being a competitive plant-based long-distance athlete.  He was once a smoker with 42 inch waist and weighed 250 lbs. Thomas started running 🏃🏽 when his family organized a “fun run” to raise money for cousin who had leukemia. Thomas has since run several triathlons, Marine Corp Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and several Iron Man competitions. Thomas says he never dips his toe into the water. Jumps in with both feet.

Over last 10 years, has been on a transformation journey seeking fitness, health and happiness. Thomas’ first goals was to run a 5K race. He has run 2 marathons, 17 half-Iron Man distance triathlons, additional 20+ Olympic and sprint-distance triathlons. Thomas just completed his first full Iron Man in Chattanooga, placing 20th in competitive age group. Now he is 80 pounds lighter than 10 years ago and infinitely stronger,


Door prizes! Our Co-coordinator, Frank, gave away many door prizes, donated by the Cooks Station, 659 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601 Telephone: (864) 250-0091. Frank also offered free books, calendars & t-shirts for all who wanted them.

Abe took 12 photos processed & posted all including 5 more that Nicky took. Two photos of Thomas Skelton @ running event were supplied by him.

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