(09) Sept 2017 Vegan Potluck~ Erin Fergus~Vegan Body Builder

Our Saturday, September 9, 2017 vegan potluck was new record turnout, with 55 people attending. At least five children came~ they are always welcome.

Group photo is taken @ 6:12 PM. There are always more that come latter. Start time is 6 PM.

ERIN “FERALICIOUS” FERGUS (aka “The Girly Vegan Bodybuilder”) gets her protein comes from plants. Erin spoke about her journey with vegan bodybuilding, what body building actually is, and shared general fitness tips. Erin teaches Personal Training at Greenville Tech and is featured on Plant Built Vegan Muscle. com

 Door prizes! Frank, Co-coordinator, gave away door prizes donated by The Cooks Station. Free vegan literature also offered.

^Frank & Nicky ~ Organizers ^

  ^Deserts^     Dr. Rosa Vera


2 years old. .  


Saint Andrews is remodeling.

Location change for remaining 2017 Vegan Potlucks for October 7 & November 4~ 

Saint Giles Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall), 1021 Hudson Rd, Greenville, SC 29615 https://www.stgilespres.org/
On December 2, we will be back at St Andrews for our Christmas Vegan Potluck.

St.Giles Church-Campus Map

Frank Contresas reported St.Andrews Church will be using the Fellowship Hall (where we meet) to store items during church remodel in Oct. & Nov.

Recap: 2017 Vegan potlucks will be held on October 7 (St Giles Presbyterian Church), November 4(St Giles Presbyterian Church), & December 2, 2017 (St Andrews Episcopal).


December 2, 2017 Vegan Potluck~ Back to Saint Andrews Episcopal Church

St Andrews church has now “free” marked parking spaces with yellow squares for people attending events @ church.  (Tell the parking attendant you’re here for Vegan Potluck) Other spaces are for Fluor Field event parking.)

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Betty Haygood took 2 photos of Erin Fergus doing balancing stunt. Nicky took 3 group table photos with iPhone.

Abe took all others, processed & posted photos. Camera: Fuji Model J10. 

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