Upcoming: March 10 Vegan Potluck with Keith Tant (Instapot Demo)

March Vegan Potluck with Keith Tant (Instapot Demo)


Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Time: 6 pm – 8 pm

Location: St Giles Presbyterian Church
1021 Hudson Rd, Greenville, SC 29615
Phone: (864) 244-4887

Speaker: Keith Tant will be doing a vegan Instapot demonstation. Yes, the Instapot is the number one best selling appliance on Amazon.com. Watch as Keith shows us how it works, and how he can prepare a tasty vegan stew in less than 20 minutes.

Who is Keith? Keith is a master chef with the Instapot. He hosts Instapot parties (at his facility) and sells stainless steel accessories to use with the Instapot.

Kooking with Keith! Keith is from Anderson, SC, and has been cooking all his life. His grandmother was his mentor, and he is carrying on the tradition. Keith started using the Instantpot and realized that he could prepare a healthy meal in no time, Keith makes sure all of his products are food grade stainless steel and made in the USA. Keith not only makes accessories for pressure cookers, but also hosts parties at his facility. Keith loves cooking healthy and delicious meals in the Instapot.

Keith’s website: www.kookingwithkeith.com/

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We meet in fellowship hall of St Giles Presbyterian church.

Please bring a vegan dish with at least 8-10 large dinner servings ready to serve with a serving utensil AND a bottled drink to share.

If possible, please bring 10 printed recipes of your dish— so others can take the recipe home and try it for themselves
Idea is to bring VEGAN homemade dishes. If you like the dish, you will be able to take the recipe home and make it!

We kindly request no dairy, cheese, eggs, honey or meat in your dishes– we’re striving for plant-based vegan. Also, please no soda pop or alcoholic beverages.

Newcomers are welcome! If you are a first-timer, feel free to simply bring a bottled drink. No soda pop or alcohol, please. Yes, we know its awkward when don’t know what to expect. We want you to try out our group and come back again.

Cost is $ 2 per adult. Kids 12 & under are free. No membership fee.

With the collected money, 80% is given to church for expenses of using their fellowship hall & to cover plates, cups, and utensils. Our vegan potluck also uses collected funds to pay for our website, www.Greenvillevegan.com. {$150/year} We are also trying to save up for powerpoint projector that speakers will use. There is no membership fee for our group.

Door prizes! Frank, our co-coordinator, will raffle free door prizes, donated by “The Cooks Station.” Yes, you don’t want to miss this!

Invite your family and friends! Children are welcome. Remember, you don’t to be vegan or vegetarian to attend.

To add yourself or a friend to our email list: http://www.greenvillevegan.com/?page_id=150

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Our website http://www.greenvillevegan.com/

Upcoming vegan potlucks: March 10th (St Giles,) March 23 (Dr Bill Scott’s office,) April 7th (St Giles,) and May 5th (St Giles.)

     Keith Tant, Speaker (Instapot demo)